Wallacia Memorial Park Master Plan NSW

Responding to Sydney’s Burial Shortage with Cemetery Masterplan

Wallacia Golf Course will be the subject of a slow transformation over the next 100 years, based on the Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust’s plans.

The site will be host to a new administration building, a multi-cultural Chapel and Crematorium (concealed below ground) whilst making use of the existing Workshop and Golf Club function rooms.

With a landscape concept imbued with strong symbolism linking the buildings to the structured existing landscape of the Golf Course, an axis running from East to the West aligns with 3 circular spaces representing birth, maturity and death and is punctuated with quality contemporary sculptures. Building up on an impressive tree collection, the cemetery will be developed as an arboretum.

A meandering path snakes through the site linking East to West, birth and death, as a representation of life itself, taking the visitor (mourner or recreational) through the variety of landscapes the site has to offer, all in the foothill of the iconic and scenic Blue Mountains.

Wallacia Memorial Park Gallery


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