Rookwood Memorial Park and Crematorium NSW

Cemetery Landscape Design Sydney

Cemetery Landscape Design, Sydney

Within Rookwood Necropolis, the largest necropolis in the Southern Hemisphere, located in Sydney, New South Wales the Invocare Memorial Park lies one hectare of gently-sloping unused lawn, ready for development. Having previously experienced lost opportunities due to an ad-hoc approach to expansion, Management engaged Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect to provide some ideas.

The brief was simple:

Provide a central feature, a water feature if possible, cater for popular memorials (retaining walls, 600 x 600mm private plots, individual circular gardens) and new concepts. The main challenge was to generate retaining wall positions out of a flattish site. Our solution was a sunken garden with central water and pergola feature. More than six “variations on a theme” were produced both in plan and in 3D modelling.

The gardens offer a wide range of products or sizes (and therefore prices).

Importantly, the layout takes into consideration the heritage values of Rookwood Necropolis and its character. The entrances to the garden coincide with entry points and vistas to and from adjacent gardens, in keeping with Rookwood Memorial Gardens’ traditional layout.

Rookwood Memorial Park and Crematorium Gallery