Macarthur Memorial Park Master Plan NSW


Cemetery Design and Planning, Sydney West

The Catholic Cemeteries Metropolitan Trust is considering a landscape cemetery for the whole community in Sydney’s West. The site, approx. 113 Ha in size, enjoys panoramic views onto the Blue Mountains, Sydney CBD and the Campbelltown valley below. It sits within the Scenic Hills and surrounds the historic Varroville House.

The land presents multiple constraints for development including steep topography, the presence of Moist Shale Woodland and Cumberland Plain Woodland, heritage curtilage extending beyond the boundary of Varroville House, riparian zones and waterways, history water bodies, the potential for bushfires and tight Planning Control relating to the Environmental Protection of the Scenic Hills.

The vision for the site is to provide :

  • A Sculpture Park, offering opportunities for local and Australian artists
  • An arboretum for future preservation and education of generations to come.
  • A respectful space and scenic route, open to all,
  • A cemetery which respects and safe keeps the important colonial landscape.
  • A concept which respects the Land, its landform and ecology by carefully laying roads and any built environment and limiting their “footprint” (for example minimum width, using boardwalks, avoiding existing significant trees…)
  • Concealed, private and low laying burial spaces to minimise visual impact.

Read more on the Macarthur Memorial Park website.

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